is an extremely fun party

brawler game for up to 4 players for Nintendo Switch!


 Pierce them, punch them, blow them up! There's plenty of ways to kill Gerrrm!

7 game modes

Playing hot potato with a time bomb?

Being the fastest one to gobble everything in sight?

Or teaming up against that pesky antibody?

One gerrrm
to rule the guts!

This might seem easy at first but it takes a lot of practice to become the next master of gerrrmicide.

Lone wolf mode

 Practice your sick single-celled moves and learn new Power Ups before you dominate your friends 

Ex-gerrrminate your friends

 Up to 4 people can engage in microscopic combat at the same time! Keep it civil, folks!

Show your friends
who is the strongest

Gerrrm in town!

Go to the Nintendo eShop and X-gerrrminate your friends!

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